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Engineering student’s design immersion proposal chosen for Vanderbilt’s QEP

"An exciting maker-style immersion experience will be open to all Vanderbilt students in fall 2017 thanks to a successful proposal co-authored by engineering sophomore Will Berger. Lori Troxel, associate professor of the practice of civil and environmental engineering and the proposal team chair, has been named the initiative’s director."

Inaugural DIVE Boot Camp immerses participants in human-centered design

"'I’m hearing a lot of positive feedback,' said Will Berger, a sophomore engineering science major who worked with the Office of the Provost to develop the DIVE initiative. “There are a lot of people here who I’ve never met before, which shows we’re having a broad impact on campus. It seems like everyone’s really eager to participate.'"

QEP is DIVE: explained

"[Will] Berger was, and continues to be, one of the driving forces behind DIVE, primarily focusing on marketing DIVE to the student body, giving rise to the 'QEP is DIVE' posters around campus, and earning him the nickname 'DIVE Dude.' Will saw the initial email last year calling for proposals for the QEP. A self-described 'design nut,' Will saw this as an opportunity to teach about Human Centered Design and share his passion with others.